ML 1660 toner çipi resetleme – Denenebilir.

Ekim 03

Reset Samsung ML-1660 series version 3.10.64:12

100% working

1st step remove the cartridge from the printer.

2nd step remove the chip from cartridge.

3rd step turn on the printer and hold down three pins on the right side of printer for about 15 to 20 seconds while cartridge is not inserted.

4th step now insert back the cartridge in to the printer and now you are done .

try to print your page number count will start from 0 and u can refill it many times as u want by repeating this above method .

I tried many methods and i was unable to reset it but after 2 months I did it my self by above method , now always apply the same steps for page number reseting and refiling and it is working very well . hope that some one will get benefit from my method.

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