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Just for a note… some interesting hard-to-find (to-remember) GSM commands:

*35*0000*16# – Incoming SMS off (Block incoming SMS messages)
#35*0000*16# – Incoming SMS ON

Here 0000 is your Network barring password35 is GSM code for Barring Incoming Calls16 is service code for SMS.

To bar other routes use these codes instead of 35:

  • 35 – Incoming
  • 351 – Incoming If Roaming
  • 33 – Outgoing
  • 331 – Outgoing International
  • 332 – Outgoing International except Home (Effective while roaming)

You can combine barring by route with the call types of your choice. E.g. the following 4 combinations may be activated in 4 consecutive steps:
*331*0000*11# (bar outgoing international voice calls)
#331*0000*16# (while allowing outgoing international SMS)
*351*0000*16# (bar incoming SMS only in roaming)
#351*0000*11# (while allowing incoming voice calls in roaming)

BTW, Network Password is used for all types of bars (incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, faxes and so on – both in home network and while roaming) and should be changed from the default 0000 in case you intend to lend your phone or SIM card to somebody. To change Network Barring code enter:


for example:

Other quirky codes:

*61*number# – Divert if “No Answer”

To set the time-out for diverting on “no reply” condition (no pick-up) use this format:
“seconds” should be between 5 and 30 and will be rounded to the nearest 5 seconds.
This command also sets the default timeout for subsequent commands of*61*number#

##002# – Disable All Call Forwarding

*#43# – Check whether Call Waiting is On or Off

Here are common patterns for GSM codes:
*[service]# Activate [service]
**[service]# Register and activate [service]
*#[service]# Check status [service]
#[service]# Unregister [service]
##[service]# Unregister and deactivate [service]

The sequences mentioned are used in the beginning of the code, like:
*#[service]# – Check status of [service] ([service] is a numeric code of the command)
Note that all the codes (“GSM commands”) end with “#

GSM call types:
(used as an optional parameter like in *#43*10#, which is a refined version of *#43#)

*10 – All cellphone services
*11 – Speech (Voice)
*12 – Data
*13 – Fax
*16 – Short message service (SMS)
*18 – All data services without SMS
*19 – All cellphone services without SMS
*25 – All asynchronous data services

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